Personal Injury Attorney Covington Works For A Contingency Fee

If you have sustained a serious injury from the negligence of another person and have significant medical expenses and loss of income, consider hiring a personal injury attorney to secure your rightful compensation for injuries. Many victims settle with insurance companies quickly without legal advice. The injured party may feel that he cannot afford the services of an attorney. This assumption is not true. It is important to remember that insurance claim adjusters’ responsibility is to save money for their company. When an adjuster settles your claim for less money, it promotes his career. Unfortunately, adjusters may coerce individuals into settling for less money. Insurance adjusters realize that when working with an individual, they are not subject to a lawsuit. For a free consultation, visit

Tim Upton takes personal injury cases based on a contingency basis. When he wins the case, payment is required. If the case is not won, there is no charge to his clients. This accomplished attorney is familiar with all the tactics of insurance adjusters and refuses to accept their jargon, and aggressively pursues fair compensation for his clients, even if it is necessary to file a lawsuit for damages. Insurance companies do not want the extra expense and will usually settle to avoid going to court.

Tim Upton is also a renowned criminal defense attorney Covington.

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